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Wyco Repair Parts

Wyco Flexible Shaft Core Parts

Snap that core in your rubber casing? Replace your shaft core in no time with grease!

From time to time when using a Wyco concrete vibrator the actual core inside the rubber casing can snap in half. There are a bunch of reasons why this might happen including a kink in the shaft, too much of a bend near the head and even over heating when the shaft runs out of grease. If the Wyco flex shaft outer casing is in good shape then you should just be able to purchase a new steel gore, grease it thoroughly and slide it right into the old shaft. This process would take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

JUST BE SURE that there is no worn or kinked spots on the original shaft. An exposed burr inside of the old Wyco flex shaft can make the new core heat up and snap in just minutes.It is easy to spot a worn spot and the factory cannot warranty these issue types. If you feel this could happen we suggest you just purchase a new shaft and core assembly.

Wyco Vibrator Head types?

So which is it - steel or rubber coated vibrator heads? We can help!

Wyco concrete vibrator heads are available in a few different styles. Plain steel heads, short heads and rubber coated vibrator heads. Here are some examples of the Wyco heads to consider. You would use a regular steel head for post concrete pours out there with or without rebar on site. The benefit of a short style rebar vibrator head from Wyco is to use in pour that are as shallow as 6" deep. A vibrator head MUST stay submerged in the wet concrete to stay cool or it will burn up the bearings inside seizing it. A rubber coated head is intended for use with epoxy coated rebar on;y. This will prevent the head from damaging the epoxy coating causing rust.

Contractor Note: Only get a head and shaft for the shortest length needed. This will help control the unit onsite and make your Wyco cement vibrator easier to use effectively.

The Wyco Badger Meter History

Did you know that Wyco has led the design and development of job enhancing tools for concrete consolidation applications for over 70 years. Wyco brand concrete vibrators work with the industry to provide the most reliable tools for the hardest jobs. Wyco was one of the first to bring Honda gas-powered flexible shaft vibrators to the market. Along with that motor style, Wyco has developed of the industry‘s only patented Square Head vibrator design which is preferred by many contractors. The final key to Wyco's success is the launch of the Sure Speed constant speed electric vibrator motor - the only one like it in the concrete industry.

Today Wyco designs and builds all of their concrete tool products in Racine, Wisconsin,. Wyco has a state-of-the-art, ISO 9001 certified headquarters. Wyco's never ending commitment to leading regulatory standards like UL, CSA and OSHA has led to the introduction of the first UL/CSA approved concrete vibrator in all the way back in 1986. Wyco's Sure Speed electric motor meets the highest safety standards in the concrete vibrator industry.

Along with high powered concrete vibrators Wyco Badger Meter continues to monitor mix and material compatibility in the cement industry. The Wyco mangement team is proud of their company’s long history and are excited to continue the company’s tradition of innovation well into the future. Badger Meter offers concrete vibratory solutions for a wide range of customer applications and job types. Through their global network of manufacturing facilities, innovation, sales offices, and warehouses, Badger Meter helps customers throughout the world make stronger, more consolidated, concrete.

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